For a long time we just found ourselves creating all the time.

Never did we think about what inspired us. 

It was only throughout observation of our processes and conversations with each other and other people that we found the answer.

It all starts from curiosity.

We never stop wandering about materials. Seeing or hearing about a new material gets our attention immediately. It’s often a direct motive for a new design. But it also works the other way around. Sometimes we are in search of the right material to complete the design.

Exploring new techniques is another source of inspiration. Every use of a material comes with it’s possibilities and limitations. We are driven by the search of the boundaries of materials and techniques. 

Colours. They intrigue us. 

Rather than just following the latest trends we question the use colour. Why are some colours called ugly? Why can’t some colours do nothing wrong? How becomes a colour something different in a combination with another colour? We find it fascinating to combine colours and to see what happens next.