Inspired by the art  movement Suprematism, these trays have a strong graphic character. Suprematism focused on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines and rectangles. We chose very bright colours, instead of the limited range of colours normally used by Suprematists. Each tray is names after a Suprematist artist: the pink tray is called ANNA after Anna Kagan, the red tray is called NIKOLAI after Nikolai Suetin, the light blue tray is called ILYA after Ilya Chashnik and the dark blue tray is called KAZIMIR after Kazimir Malevich. The trays are made of acrylic resin. It consists of a mineral powder and water based resin, bonded in a viscous liquid that has to be pigmented, melded, sawed, sanded and sealed. Each element is separately coloured and molded. The final colour being poured connects all the pieces.

acrylic resin

L 370 x  D 370  H 30

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